Technical Specifications


  • Air cooled to 26°C in offices for outdoor temperature of 32°C, internal energy use 50 watts per sq. m
  • 2-pipe, 2-wire fan coil convectors in ceiling periphery, 2-pipe fan coil convectors in central zone
  • Base system guarantees air renewal of 25 cubic metres per hour per person in office areas and 30 cubic metres per hour per person in meeting rooms (for 1 person per 3 sq. m)
  • Regulatory extraction flow rate in washrooms
  • Individual thermostats to set temperature and control ventilation rate
  • Individual adjustment with override possibility by building management system to prevent excessive energy consumption in individual units
  • Individual operation of air conditioning possible for use at minimal cost outside normal working hours
  • Variable speed fan coil units for economic functioning outside normal working hours
  • Automatic stop valves to isolate ventilation system by level
  • Chilled or heated (by heat-pump) fresh air filtered to a much higher degree than in standard installations (efficient double-flow air handling unit and exchanger)
  • Fresh air supply system connected to central management system to optimise performance


  • Very effective glazing of facade ensures thermal, acoustic and sun insulation conforms with current regulations
  • NR 35 acoustic insulation between offices


  • Optimized security of access controls to entrance lobby and car parks
  • Badge access with floor selection
  • Video surveillance of entrance doors and strategic areas
  • CCTV with recorded images and infrared cameras for night surveillance
  • Information centralised on the security PC and at the reception desk
  • A telephone on each elevator landing with connection to the reception desk


  • Dimmable lighting
  • 80 W lights (T5 tubes) for high-tech equipment
  • 2 electricity meters on each floor
  • 2 electrical circuits: single phase circuit for sockets, three-phase for lighting
  • 2 generators with a total power of 1,260 kVA: a 630 kVA for all safety, security and general services in building and a 630 kVA for tenants’ needs
  • Power and protected small power circuits distributed through pre-fabricated trays in the raised floor
  • Automatic lighting in car parks connected to the building management system and controlled by presence detectors in strategic areas
  • 2 secure vertical cable shafts on each floor for private VDI networks
  • Category 5 VDI distribution with 2 VDI areas on each floor


  • Air conditioning controlled and regulated individually in each office
  • Air flow regulated to tenants’ specific needs
  • Energy costs monitored by building management system
  • Electricity meter on each floor and for each zone (general supplies, lighting, HVAC)
  • Management of electrical and mechanical systems
  • Anomaly detection and warnings
  • Measures of individual air conditioning consumption
  • Alarm management systems


  • Fire alarms with noise alerts at security PC and reception desk
  • Natural smoke removal through openings on facades
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