A green building

  • The building benefits from a THPE equivalent for good energy management

An energy audit of Eurosquare was carried out prior to the refurbishment to determine where energy savings could be made. The equipment consuming the most energy was upgraded and new technical solutions installed, the aim being to bring Eurosquare up to the standards of new buildings. The works resulted in a reduction of the building’s energy consumption of more than 20% on 2005’s level, improved functionality and increased comfort for occupiers, who can now enjoy more effective and efficient installations. Eurosquare’s energy performance is 24% better than the CEPREF standard.

  • 7 electricity sockets for recharging cars in the first level of the basement
  • Eurosquare is in the process of obtaining the HQE® Exploitation certificate

This certificate means all players involved in operating the building – the owner, service providers and the building operator - will adopt an environmentally responsible approach. Tenants too can have their practices certified if they wish.

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